We all believe in how data can change and shape a better understanding of the immediate world we leave in. With different backgrounds and different years of experience what we have in common is that we are all passionate about teaching everybody how to access and make sense of their data.

You will find us driving our local Big Data communities ( Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara), organizing and presenting during Big Data Tours, delivering hands on data workshops, teaching IT and presenting during several events. From Java, Scala, Python to Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, installing and maintaining big data clusters, architecting solutions and most interesting making sense of data this is what we do in our daily life. Some bits about us below:

Valentina Crisan (the architect)

Consultant in Big Data and Cloud domains (product/solutions market positioning and business development), with more than 14 years experience in telecom and IT domains, architecting telecom and value added service solutions and leading for several years technical presales teams. Passionate about cloud and data, I work in consultancy projects in Big Data domains, organize Bucharest Big Data meetup and organize and teach several Bigdata.ro events.

About me, cloud & data:

• Eurocloud Romania founder – webinars, workshops supporting and advocating SME’s cloud usage
• Bucharest Big Data Meetup Founder and Organizer – since May 2014
• Organized and delivered (part of the team that delivered) Big Data Workshops for Bigdata.ro – Intro to Hadoop, Hadoop versus Spark, Hands on Spark and Machine Learning & Spark
• BigdataWeek program driver – November 2015, London ( created the concept and the agenda of the overall event)

Alexandru Sisu (the Spark neuralist)

Pragmatic engineer specialised in analysing big amounts of data and scaling things. Also interested in linguistics, hence wrote a book about it (“Cognitive Biases in Reconstructing Languages” with D. Ungureanu). Getting a phd for fun (or at least trying to) by optimising the training in neural networks using special orthogonal groups and black magic.

Co-founder of bigdataresearch.io. Timisoara big-data meetup group organizer. Speaker at #devtalks Romania, and local big data meetups (Timisoara, Bucharest).

Tudor Lapusan (the Hadooper)

I’m passionate about BigData technologies from Apache Hadoop ecosystem. I heard for the first time about Apache Hadoop when I was at my master courses and from that time I was fascinated about BigData world.

My first big professional success was when I introduced the Apache Hadoop technology into the company I was working for, skobbler, in 2012. From that time I’m working as a full time devops on BigData projects. My current work involve to well manage and maintain the Hadoop and Hbase in-house clusters, improve and find solutions for our BigData pipeline.

From this passion, I have initiated a BigData/DataScience community in my town, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, with the goals of meeting new passionate people, working together on cool projects and helping IT companies to adopt BigData technologies. Until now we made many meetups and workshops. If you want to see our activity and find out more about the events, look over here. In my free time, I enjoy to make sport each day, like running, tennis, crossfit and to participate at startups and other tech communities events.

Felix Crisan (clustering & architecting)

With an experience of more then 20 years in IT and Telco, from software programmer, researcher, engineer to consultant, Felix coordinated several software development teams and is involved in complex platforms development based on different web technologies. From small to bigger companies, Felix built solutions for HP and IBM and after a telecom career Felix chose the entrepreneurship path – being co-founder and CTO of NETOPIA mobilPay.

Recognizing the potential of data and while developing several projects based on Big Data, Felix decided to support Bucharest Big Data Meetup and Bigdata.ro events, being involved in teaching these respective communities about Big Data technologies. Felix is also teaching the Web Development course @ Scoalainformala.ro.

Radu Popescu

Web developer with over 8 years of experience in creating, promoting and managing web based projects. Radu is also one of the co-organizers of Big Data/Data Science meetup in Cluj-Napoca (a community that exceeds 600 members), speaker at ITDays and DevTalks as well as passionate entrepreneur being involved in numerous startup projects.